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Why is Miramat so big?

We've found that the regular width of a mat is so narrow that it significantly restricts your movement. We therefore decided to more than double the size as compared to regular mats, so that you can focus on your exercise instead of finding your balance on a narrow strip of mat.

How thick is Miramat?

6mm, not including the specially designed anti-slip structure on its underside. It is more than double the thickness of regular yoga mats. It is made of high-density material that gives you just the right dampening against a hard floor surface.

How do I clean my Miramat?

Miramat comes with an easy-to-clean surface. Simply use a damp cloth with with a little dish soap, then wipe dry.

Will I slip during my hot yoga sessions?

Miramat is designed using high-friction surface that prevents you from slipping during the sweatiest of barefoot yoga poses.

Won't intense exercise with shoes hurt the mat?

Miramat can handle it, and will actually improve over time with varied use.