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Freedom to move

Tired of balancing on thin, narrow mats that are restricting your movement and hurting your joints?

Miramat is the only mat that provides true freedom of movement for your workouts and yoga poses.


a premium mat with the best of everything

  • Yoga

    Designed by yoga enthusiasts, Miramat is the ultimate yoga mat on the market. With an easy-to-clean non-slip surface, and a 7mm thickness to firmly cushion and protect your joints, you have never been as comfortable doing poses.

  • Cardio & Strength

    Ideal for intense cardio such as aerobics, HIIT and Plyometrics, as well as strength and stretching exercise. Use with or without shoes.

  • Space

    Miramat is a giant. No other exercise mat will compare. It will turn any room into your own private yoga sanctuary or home gym.

  • Intense Cardio With Shoes - No Problem
  • Both Sides Of Miramat Are Anti-Slide

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Free from silicone, latex and phthalates. Made using environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques.


Additional Features

7mm thick

Non-slip surface on on both sides

High-density with ultimate cushion, join protection and support

Easy to clean

For use with or without shoes

Designed to last for decades