How A Revolutionary Exercise Mat Could Change Your Life

Consistency is the absolute key when trying to reach your fitness or weight-loss goals. Without it, you will go nowhere. It is what separates those with a perfectly toned body from those who never really get there.

Imagine what could happen to your consistency if:

✔️you had your own fitness retreat at home

✔️with lots of space to move without restrictions

✔️where you could exercise whenever you wanted to

✔️using shoes, dumbbells, kettlebells and other equipment, without worrying about damaging your floor or tearing your exercise mat to pieces

✔️without the hassle of packing your bag and driving to the gym

And think about what you would save on gym membership!



Our Story

We know first-hand how hard it is make room for exercise in a busy life. Setting aside those 1-2 hours to go to the gym is more often than not impossible. We realised that working out at home would be the far better option, but doing so directly on the living room floor was neither comfortable nor suitable. In our search for exercise mats we couldn't find what we were looking for. So we decided to develop it ourselves!

We are a family business founded on a passion for health and fitness. Based in Brisbane, we grew frustrated with ultra-thin and narrow fitness and yoga mats and wanted to create a better experience without compromising on health or the environment.

When designing Miramat, we wanted to use only the highest grade, sustainable materials. It was also important for us to use materials that had the right combination of strength, sustainability and comfort.

Since most practitioners use strength, cardio, yoga and stretching in combination, it didn't make sense to us to have multiple mats at home for different purposes. We wanted to design a mat that was the best in each of these areas, without compromises. It needed to be better than every other yoga mat and every other exercise mat, combined!

And it needed to be huge! Most mats are so narrow that you'll be balancing on a narrow strip, and probably touching the floor as much as the mat itself. We wanted to create room to comfortably move.

The result was Miramat, the best exercise mat and the best yoga mat - all in one.

'"Love it.

I use it for both full-body home workouts, and stretching exercises in the evening to get the best sleep. Love the versatility."

-Michael on Jan 11th 2018

Every detail has been tweaked to perfection to make Miramat the best at everything.

And the best part? You can turn any corner or room in your house into your own fitness retreat. Follow your favourite exercise videos on YouTube at home, instead of all the inconvience of making it to the gym.

Miramat is a spacious, proper gym flooring that works anywhere in your home, be it on tiles, carpet, wood, in the basement or the garage. You can do intense exercise with shoes, or barefoot yoga and stretching exercises without slipping.

Its giant size lets you move freely, and the cushion is perfectly adjusted to protect your joints. It provides heavy-duty protection for the floor, so you can use dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise bikes or other equipment on it. The sky is the limit.

✔️200x120cm premium exercise mat

✔️7mm thickness

✔️Works on any floor surface

✔️Optimal cushion for protection of your joints

✔️Extremely durable

✔️Designed to last a lifetime

✔️High friction surface for barefoot exercises

✔️Non-slip surface against the floor

✔️Heavy duty floor protection

✔️Made from non-toxic materials

✔️Cleans easily

✔️Comes with 2 storage straps

Save money while getting into great shape

Paying $20 a week for a gym membership? That translates to more than $1000 per year!

Your purchase of Miramat would be recouped in less than 2 months, and you could use the remaining savings to keep building your own personal gym at home.

So are you ready to take your fitness to the next level?

For a limited time, we offer FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Australia with express courier. That means you can have your Miramat in as little as three business days.

We are certain that you are going to love your new Miramat, so to express our confidence in our product we will offer you a 30-days 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked. In other words, no risk for you!

Limited supply only, so make sure to order your Miramat today, and save those gym membership fees!

"The best mat out there!

I will never go back to regular sized yoga mats again."

-Phil S on Feb 20th 2018

Why bodyweight exercises at home beats going to the gym

  1. Convenience – Number 1 reason for not working out is lack of time. With bodyweight exercises at home there are no excuses
  2. They are efficient – No time spent waiting for equipment, adjusting machines or driving to the gym
  3. Burns fat fast – Just a few minutes of intense exercise will increase your metabolic rate throughout the day
  4. Reduced boredom – Thousands of fun exercises freely available online beats sitting on a machine doing the exact same thing over and over
  5. It’s cheap – Goodbye, gym memberships fees
  6. They are dual purpose – strength and cardio combined
  7. Improved metabolism and core strength – compound movements works large and multiple muscle groups at the same time

'"All exercises that you do with your own bodyweight are great"

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

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